Judicial Politics in the United States

Judicial Politics in the United States

1st Edition
August 2014
Trade Paperback · 400 Pages
$42.00 U.S. · $48.50 CAN · £27.99 U.K. · €29.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813346793


"Judicial Politics in the United States is a wonderful introductory book for students of public law in America because it analyzes courts in context with other political institutions and within a global context. Miller provides understandable descriptions in a lively manner, as well as real world examples of current debates in judicial politics that will be of interest to all."

—Lydia Tiede, University of Houston

"I like Judicial Politics in the United States because of its focus on inter-branch relations, and its consideration of the issue of globalization with American judging. Miller appropriately balances legal analysis with the political science literature. I appreciate the book’s empirical approach to judicial politics, as well as the multiple viewpoints regarding issues in the judicial system—kudos to Miller."

—John R. Hermann, Trinity University