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Understanding Central America

Understanding Central America

Global Forces, Rebellion, and Change
5th Edition
December 2009
Trade Paperback · 360 Pages
$39.00 U.S. · $45.00 CAN · £25.99 U.K. · €27.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344218


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The fifth edition of Understanding Central America explains how domestic and global political and economic forces have shaped rebellion and regime change in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. John A. Booth, Christine J. Wade, and Thomas W. Walker explore the origins and development of the region?s political conflicts and its efforts to resolve them. Covering the region?s political and economic development from the early 1800s onward, the authors provide a background for understanding Central America?s rebellion and regime change of the past forty years. This revised edition brings the Central American story up to date, with special emphasis on globalization, evolving public opinion, progress toward democratic consolidation, and the relationship between Central America and the United States under the Obama administration, and includes analysis of the 2009 Honduran coup d?Útat. A useful introduction to the region and a model for how to convey its complexities in language readers will comprehend, Understanding Central America stands out as a must-have resource.

About the Authors

John A. Booth is Regents Professor of Political Science at the University of North Texas.

Christine J. Wade is Assistant Professor of Political Science and International studies at Washington College.

Thomas W. Walker is professor of political science and Director of the Latin American Studies Program at Ohio University. He is the author of Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle, Fourth Edition (2003, Westview).